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2011-05-20 08:18:44

Trans-web Round Slings, the Bigger the Better

Well-known British manufacturer of round and flat webbing slings, and height safety equipment, Trans-web is extending the size and capability of its round sling range to accommodate more demanding applications. Based in Oldham, Lancashire, Trans-Web is an e

2011-05-23 01:35:26

Weavers demand abolition of anti-dumping duty on imported yarn

With the prices of polyester yarn - main raw material for the country's biggest man-made fibre industry - witnessing a sharp increase in the domestic market, the powerloom weavers have demanded that the Central government abolish anti-dumping duty on the im

2011-05-23 01:46:21

Weavers Associations attune similar note against Antidumping Levy

Issue of uncertainty in price rise of raw materials is getting on nerves for synthetic fabric weavers. With the prices of polyester yarn witnessing steep rise in the domestic market, the power loom weavers are lobbying for removal of antidumping duty on the