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    Zhejiang Guxiandao is a joint venture located in Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone. It covers an area of 640 Mus (1 Mu=666.7 m2), with a total building area of over 200,000 m2. The gross investment for the venture is RMB 3.4 billion Yuan.

    We boast globally advanced production technologies and equipment, and have constructed production lines capable of manufacturing 400,000 MT/y of modified PET chips and 400,000 MT/y of differentiated polyester fibre.

    Excellent products need the support of advanced equipments:
    Continuous Polymerization equipment from HuiTong Company (China)
    Solid State Polymerization system from Buhler Company (Switzerland)
    Spinning, Drawing and Winding machines from Saurer Bamag (Germany)
    Spinning, Drawing and Winding machine from TMT (Japan)
    Air-jet Multiply frame from GILBOS (Belgium) and Dietze-Schell (Italy)
    Coarse Denier Assembly Twister from SIMA (Italy)
    Twisting machines from Saurer Allma (Germany)
    Twisting machines from RITM (France)
    Paste Liquid State Polymerization and Melt Direct Spinning Technology (self IPR)

    • 30,000 tons of specialty polyester plant
    • 9 million tons of continuous polyester plant
    • 65,000 tons of solid phase polymerization unit row
    • 65,000 tons / year of polyester industrial ...
    • 20,000 tons differential polyester industrial yarn