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Company Introduction

Founded in June 2003, Zhejiang Guxiandao Industrial Fibre Co., Ltd specializes in production and sales of modified polyester chips and differentiated polyester industrial yarn. Our current annual capacity of yarn is 90,000 MT.

In 2011, Guxiandao is stepping into a new milestone of growing path. We will have two new plants built up with innovative spinning process and technology under the best machinery capabilities in the globe, thanks to the leading equipment suppliers such as Barmag and TMT. The total capacity is 400,000 MT/y.

Plant 1: 200,000 MT/year of high tenacity polyester yarn, for all varieties of strength/shrinkage in the range of 150~10,000 Denier.

Plant 2: 200,000 Mt/year of medium tenacity polyester yarn, for a tenacity request around 6g/D in the range of 150~600 Denier.

    Types of Current fibre products:
  • High Tenacity Regular Shrinkage Yarn (420D-6000D)
  • High Tenacity Low Elongation Yarn (1000D-6000D)
  • High Tenacity Friction-Resistant Yarn (1000D/1500D)
  • High Tenacity Low Shrinkage Yarn (250D-4000D)
  • High Tenacity Medium Shrinkage Yarn (1000D-4000D)
  • High Modulus Low Shrinkage Yarn (1000D-1500D)
  • Twisted Yarn, TPM 30-130 (S/Z) (420D-18000D)
  • Multi-ply Yarn (4000D-100000D)
  • Dope Dyed Yarn (1000D-3000D)
  • Anti-wick and Adhesive Activated Yarn (1000D-2000D)